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    IMG_8362I know you said cant you just get over it8X340

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    As a photojournalist throughout my career 8X340

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    IMG_7620 Racism 8x340

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“FX American Crime Story” is going to have a special screening of the ten part miniseries about the O.J. Simpson double murder trial. They’re going to have the special screening in the black community, in the Crenshaw district. I think if you can you should try and see it. I also think you should watch it when it comes on FX starting February 2.

Over the years I’ve had a lot to say reference how mainstream media has betrayed what took place in the O.J. Simpson double murder trial. What I had to say involve a lot anger from me, because I know the truth and I feel mainstream media has misrepresented the truth about what took place in the trial.

However being angry does not change how they represent to you the public the facts about what took place in that trial. But I can, I can give you “the other side of the story”, so that you can make an informed decision from a place of knowledgeable having had an opportunity to have different views of what took place in that courtroom in “the trial of the century”.

Also for the past 20 years mainstream media has refused to acknowledge the accomplishment of the Black Press of America’s participation in the historic trial of The People vs. O.J. Simpson. And they refuse to talk or interview myself, the only photojournalist in the world to have daily access to “the trial of the century”. I think you the public should ask yourself a question reference that. And the question is, what are they afraid of me telling the American public about what took place in the courtroom?

Not only was I the only photojournalist in the world to have daily access to the trial of the century. I and only one other journalist Ms. Linda Deutsch of the Associated Press never missed a day of the trial. So support FX endeavor, and prepare yourself for “the other side of the story”. Through the eyes and lens of photojournalist Haywood Galbreath and the Black Press of America.

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Don’t miss “The interview” that is the beginning of the final chapter being written about the largest criminal court case in the history of America. The O.J. Simpson double murder trial “the trial of the century” that after 20 years of one perspective. In the final chapter which is based on and what was seen, heard and captured through the lens.

Of history making photojournalist Haywood Galbreath who had unprecedented as well as more access than any other journalist in the world. Truths will come out and facts that will make you rethink much of what you think you know. Not only about “the trial of the century”, but about media and how it shows us life and people in America!

Thursday, 19 March 2015 01:12

The Problem Is Not Black Single Mothers

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IMG 0302CC
Photo by: MPJI
The problem is not black boys being born to single mothers and into single parent households. The problem is black boys being born who do not have strong male role models! Strong male role models to mentor them and teach them how to be caring, compassionate productive boys who become young men and grow into caring, compassionate and productive men.

Women are not supposed to teach boys, young men and men how to be those things. Just as men are not supposed to teach girls how to be girls, young ladies and then ladies. Men are supposed to teach boys and women are supposed to teach girls. The problem comes when there’s a breakdown in whose teaching who!    

Reference boys we need to immediately correct that break down and men immediately began to become strong male role models and mentors to young black boys. If you’re spiritual person realize it’s not truly society’s requirement that you do that. But the Great Spirit Gods requirement!
#Students #photography #photojournalism #mentors #blessings #teachers #God #faith #hope #love #blackboys #blacklivesmatter

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 19:39

Why didn’t the chicken just step off the hot plate? Featured

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Why didn’t the chicken just step off the hot plate?
In the movie “Pure Country” starring George Strait who is actually a very accomplished country singer playing a country singer.  Country singer who is living a life and being or having persona for the purpose of being popular and liked so that more people would come to his concerts and buy his music.  

Living a life and a way of being that deep down inside he had great disdain for.  For that was not him!  It was a role he played to be part of what was hip and to be accepted. (Does that sound familiar to you reference yourself and others that you know?)

Their came a point in the movie during a concert that he stopped singing and realized that it was not him that the people were listening too or really paying attention to it was all the hoopla involved with what was going on stage.

After the concert when everyone had left the arena his drummer and he stood there talking about how simple life use to be when they started out and that this really wasn’t what he wanted.  His friend said to him remember when we were kids at the county fair and this guy had a dancing chicken?  

Remember we snuck around to the back of his tent.  Peeped up under the tent and saw that the chicken was standing on a hot plate!  The more the man would turn the hot plate up.  The more the chicken would dance around the hot plate to keep its feet from burning.  George Strait’s character replied yes I remember. 

His friend then said to him remember what we always wondered “why didn’t the chicken just step off the hot plate”?  They stood there for few more moments and George Strait’s character was asked by his friend what he was going to do for the rest of the night? George Strait’s character reply was the equivalent of the chicken just stepping off the hot plate.  His reply was I’m going to take a walk. 

As that particular scene comes to an end.  You see George strait’s character slowly but surely taking the long walk out of the arena. How many of us every day live a life of a chicken on a hot plate? Life that we do not want to live and we are not happy living it, but we do so to be popular, liked as well as to be a part of what is that the society we live in as well as those we call our friends say is the life and way to live. We all would be much better off if we just stepped off the hot plate or took a walk! Away from the life we are living that deep down inside we know just isn’t right or is not best for our spiritual, physical or mental well being!

Reference the George strait character.  He left the tour for several days.  In that time he made up his mind to go back to being the way he knew he should be. When he came back he was just as popular but more importantly he was truly happy with his life!

Monday, 29 September 2014 04:00

Sunday Spiritual Reflections! Featured

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Its Sunday night those who believe in the Christian faith. Today was our day of worship. Giving praise to the Great Spirit God for all of our blessings. I pray that all of you have made it through the day able to appreciate your blessings.

Throw back Thursday I put up the photo below. Today I’m putting it up again because contained within that photograph and those words is faith, hope and love. The bible says (King James Version) Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. The essence of things hoped for but not yet seen.

I walked those railroad tracks from the time I was 8 years until I was 24 years old. I prayed to the Great Spirit God and believed that even though all I could see was railroad tracks, big fields, dirt roads and the greatest adventure I had was walking into the woods in the fall and winter hunting for small game sometimes so I could have breakfast or supper.

I had faith that beyond all that I would someday go. I had hope that by having faith it would come to be. I had love demonstrated toward me by others reaching out to me in many different ways to help me achieve my heart’s desires. I also had a love for others as well as most importantly the way of the Great Spirit God.

Tonight as I sit here in Los Angeles/ Hollywood California. I know the love of God is real. I know that you must if you going to make it, you must believe Hebrews 11:1 you must live it every day of your life. The journey from the railroad tracks and woods of Kentucky took faith, hope and love. Even though love is the greatest among those three. It took faith to make the journey.

Every day my friends is a journey that requires faith. So tonight I say to you keep the faith. Keep the hope and especially keep the love for within the love lies the secret to your faith your hope as well as your true success and happiness in life!

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IMG 5313thgsSpiritual reflections from “The Haywood Galbreath Story”

The gift of photography and the ability to capture a moment the Great Spirit God gave me to capture moments will not permit me to not capture a moment! I was on my way to another appointment from my speaking engagement New Year’s Day evening when I saw the sun setting and drove past the location! But I could not continue on and had to turn around and go back to capture the moment. In the time it took to turn around and return to the location I missed the opportunity to capture more of the moment!

Never under God THGS
To set up speaking and appearances for THGS with Haywood click on photo.

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